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We would love to be a part of your next Reunion!


Our motto and philosophy when it comes to your Reunion party is that

"It's not just a party... it's YOUR party!"

We are there to fulfill any expectations that you have when it comes to what role your DJ will play and what music you want to hear. Making sure your plans and expectations are met when you hire Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's is our ultimate goal. Understanding that your event is not about us but rather "it's about you" is what sets us apart.

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How to get the most out of your Bandstand Music DJ for your Reunion

If asked the question "What Does A DJ Do" most people would probably say that a DJ plays music. If asked "What Does A Mobile DJ Do" the answer would be much different. At Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's we understand that being a DJ means more than just having the skills to play the right music.

1) Facilitator
If someone on the committee didn't volunteer to facilitate your reunion, Bandstand Music can help. Once you have customized your plans in the online Bandstand Music Reunion Planner, your Bandstand Music DJ will take the responsibility to guide you through everything on your customized agenda during the party. Your DJ will keep track of time, let you know what's coming next and keep everyone informed. We will even release tables for dinner to maintain a smooth flow. Remember that the role your Bandstand Music DJ plays at the party will be ultimately up to you.

2) Coordinator
Your Bandstand Music DJ will work alongside any other vendors who are participating in your party. Your DJ will cover all the details during your event with the facility manager, caterer and any other vendor playing a role in the party. This will help to avoid any confusion, keep everyone on the same page and keep things running smoothly.

3) MC (Master Of Ceremonies)
Your Bandstand Music DJ can be the announcer for your party. We will keep everyone informed and engaged throughout the event by making professional and upbeat announcements regarding all of the activities that are taking place.

4) Music provider
Your Bandstand Music DJ will be your music providers. We understand that you will have specific music that you will want played during your event. And, because this is a reunion, there will be a lot of requests. It is our job to make sure we are playing a selection of music that is chosen by you and the people we are there for. When you hire Bandstand Music DJ's & MC's, you have control of the music.

When it comes to the music that you want us to play you may want to:
  • Choose all of the music for your event
  • Choose some of the music and we will fill in the gaps
  • Completely rely on our experience for choosing the music that is played
However you decide to handle the music that your Bandstand Music DJ will play is entirely up to you. To make things fun and easy we have provided you with our online song list. The Bandstand Music online song list is very interactive and will present you with plenty of options when deciding what music you want played during the party.
Click the button below to start choosing your music: Click Here To Start SONG LIST PLANNER

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Putting together your plans for your Bandstand Music DJ

Reunion Planner

The Bandstand Music online Reunion Planner has been designed with your event in mind. With this planner you will have total control over customizing every aspect of your party. You will be able decide on things such as:
  • The order of your events (dinner, slideshow, prizes)
  • The music you want to have played
  • The attire of your DJ
  • Specific announcements you will want us to make
  • Crowd participation dances that you do or do not want
  • and much more...
Click the button below to start filling out your Bandstand Music online Reunion Planner: Click Here To Start REUNION PLANNER

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